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    Your Elvenar Team

SiteHawk Fellowship is looking for good matches!


SiteHawk Fellowship is an active, though fairly low-key fellowship. We emphasize boosted goods production, overly fair trading, city growth, Elvenar education, and enjoying the game the way you want to.

SiteHawk not the most competitive team out there. Fellowship tournament and adventure participation is encouraged, but not required. We have an Ancient Wonders KP swap program we also encourage, but do not require members to join.

There are a few requirements that if violated would shorten one’s membership:
  1. Courtesy and respectfulness are expected at all times.

  2. Neighborly help to all members of the team at least 3 times per week. Many members visit daily without fail.

  3. Following our fair-trade policy is a must. If you read our overview, you will notice that we have enhanced expectations for fair trading than the trader suggests.
We are not the perfect fit for everyone and don’t pretend to be. But most of our members have been with us a long time. A fellowship with staying power if we are a right fit for you.

According to Elvenstats.com our ideal candidate would have a score around 119028 and would have one or more of the following boosts: steel.

HOWEVER, I am seeking players of any experience who want to play actively. I personally love to help new cities grow. Steel, Elixer, and Gems are our biggest boost needs.

Please feel free to apply by private messaging BizDani for a Mage review.

Have a fun one and all!