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Skyeland II seeking new members

Lady Amanda

New Member
Hello! I'm Lady Amanda, the Arch Mage for Skyeland II in Elcysandir. We have 5 places open (as of today, 11/26/22) and are actively recruiting new members. We are a high performing FS at Level 22 and ranked 85th. We're looking for active, team-oriented players who are willing to work with the fellowship to complete the Spire, earn 10+ weekly chests in tournaments, and finish in the top 20 in FAs. We've got a great spread of players from newbies focused on growing their city to well-established players who enjoy building friendships and giving back to help smaller cities - and everything in between.

We're looking for:
- active players, folks who can commit to visiting and helping the FS members 5+ times per week and demonstrate a score change within 2 weeks of joining (with our help, of course!)
- participation in all fellowship activities, including FAs, weekly tournaments, weekly Spire climbs (if you've never made it to the top before - or even higher than a few levels - we will help you!), FS trading (we allow uneven trades to help fellow members), and KP swaps.
- communication. In any relationship, communication is key. You're welcome to be a quiet player, but you must check your messages and respond if a Mage or myself require a response. We also ask that any player who's going to be away communicate with leadership so we know you haven't abandoned us.

We look forward to finding some new members to join us! Please send a message in the game to me, Lady Amanda, or one of our two Mages, Socrates28 or QDog 007, for more information or to join us. We can't wait to welcome you to Skyeland II!