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Squad size and brown bear question


Well-Known Member
How often do you use your brown bear(s) and to what squad size do you typically make. I was using my brown bears once every 3 weeks making about 300 squads of everything minus gruffs, drone riders, and ax. I am thinking of changing.

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
It depends on how bad my troop losses are from week to week. I try to always keep enough troops on hand to fight the entire Spire and get 4k-5k points in the tournament. And since my troop buildings are never idle, I tend to only need to run the Brown Bear once a month? And when I do, I am more restricted by my amount of time boosters for how many troops I make, than by anything else, because I prioritize bossters first for completing guest race-related stuff. Because of that, I tend to only make enough when the Brown Bear is fed to cover a few weeks of fighting. Because of all that, I almost never go higher than about 100 squads of everything.


Chef - loquacious Old Dog
I use my brown bear like Enevhar Aldarion above. When I need them I feed the bear and for a day I max out my production. I use about 20 5 hr instants when I need a lot of troops and try to balance most types out at about 100 squads of each. Usually it's about every 4 weeks that I have to use it, but sometimes it varies if I have a bad tournament week. I cater the entire spire and find using troops for tournaments and catering for everything else works well for my city.

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I do 25 provinces on auto fight and I do the spire. I will use over 100 of the 5hr instants plus many 1 and 2 hour ones. I like to keep a reserve of 150 5hr instants just in case INNO nerfs the spire. That sometimes limits me. 25 provinces is just enough for my share of 19 chests should the rest of my FS want to keep up.

Deleted User - 1178646

How often do you use your brown bear(s) and to what squad size do you typically make. I was using my brown bears once every 3 weeks making about 300 squads of everything minus gruffs, drone riders, and ax. I am thinking of changing.
every 75-90 hours depending on if I have 5 or 6 training squads in my unit factories.

I make as much as I have earned in timeboosters in that period.
The amound of units I own determines my tournament results, the more I can make the higher the scrores can be.

I have 2 years of timeboosters (730 days) anything above that is used.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
It's probably due to the fact that I use the brown bear too often (a couple times a week) that I'm so low on time instants and pet food. I'm going to have to start conserving, but since I autofight, my losses are greater than if I did manual. It's always a dilemma since I just can't keep enough troops. Hopefully now that I have upgraded military buildings to max or near max, I'll get better results. I currently am at the top of the spire and I have a little over 3K currently in tourney, though I'll get more tonight. A fairly typical week, although I do lay off the very top of the spire and only go to the lab every few weeks, to build up.


Active Member
I use the brown bear when I have been away longer than my productions in my barracks/training ground/Merc camp. Then will run though perhaps 5 max supplies to get my value out of pet food and try to be online frequently during the next 12 hrs to collect. Just before it expires, I will finish off the production slots if not a lot of time is left (i.e if there is only 30 min left on a barrack production will use another 30 min booster). I use it perhaps once every 2-3 weeks. Could not tell you to what squad size I make since all my units are > 999.


Oh Wise One
I typically only use my Brown Bear on weekends. But this is for real life reasons. I normally have a Monday-Friday schedule at work. During those days, I run workshops on a 3 hour schedule and can't monitor my cities as closely. I like to read, so on Saturday and Sunday I typically stay home with a book. I can also put Power of Provision spells on my workshops and run them on a 1 hour schedule while I read my book. This means I make TONS of supplies and can use lots of 5 hour boosters to speed train troops while the Brown Bear is active.


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
I use my Brown Bears on days when I am home. I feed the Bear in the morning to gain overnight pickup. I spend a lot of time instants and use two or three 100% supply refills. I run them up to approximately 175 squads as a rule.