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Confirmed Storyline quests broken


Well-Known Member
Perhaps it being the middle winter those wandering storyline quests are just seeking a warmer climate...like the Bahamas. If we all go to the Bahamas maybe they'll be happy enough to get back in line in their proper place? ;)



Well-Known Member
Can't say I minded too much. Half were easy instants and the other half immediately recognized as completed so I got extra gold/supplies. No complaint about that. (It's not like they're going to take them back, lol Right? ...Right? haha)
It was just really odd. It furrowed my brow and I said, "okaaaaay...???" *shrug*


I experienced this as well; wasn't a concern to me until I got multiple wholesaler quests in a row, which was expensive and I didn't want to complete them.

I just declined them, and after declining a few quests in a row, it shot me right back to where I was supposed to be in the story quest line, so that may be a workaround for anyone who feels stuck by this right now.