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Closed | Fixed Strange amounts of culture displayed - display error on Live-Servers?


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At first I have to admit that I know that the one and only place for bug-reporting is normaly the Discord-Server.

I am not able to check if this bug has already been reported on Discord because I've got an unlimited ban for Elvenar-Discord Server and I report it here because it is, to me, the only possibility left that I can use.

Game version: v1.188.3-(73dc4ef) - html5 (2023-11-23 16:00)
Game world: Winyandor
Browser + version: google Chrome
Operating System: PC
Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080
Account name: TimeMachine
Humans or Elves: Elves

Reproducibility: 5/5

Quest title: none

Current situation: After moving and placing an cultural building, there is always displayed a sum of growth that corresponds to the sum of my Available Culture, not of the specific building.

Expected situation: The cultural growth growth of the specific building should be displyed in green (as plus), not my actual amount of Available Culture

Screenshots of the bug: To reproduce just pick any cultural building and place it again or place a new one out of the inventory.
The only Plus US- and DE-Servers aswell seem to know at the moment, is the actual amount of Available Culture.
Everything seems to be counted right but is displayed wrong I guess?

picking a building:

and just place it again: what an enourmous plus, by the way nice to see that 10.095 are 10.000 but this is, as we all know, normal in Elvenar. ;)

last but not least the building-stats of the building which was moved:
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