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Sunset Towers


Oh Wise One
When I finished Halflings, I made the decision to pass on this AW because I felt I had seeds pretty much under control. And this remained true as long as I had my trader constantly making seeds. Then I hit chapter 17 and the unurium resource got introduced. Having to switch the trader to primarily producing unurium REALLY hurt. My initial response was to add extra Festival Merchants to compensate. And it has mostly worked, I got through ch 17. Recently I have started rethinking Sunset Towers. I could replace a couple of FMs with it. The drawback of course would be that I would be starting it from scratch late in the game and would have to level it. Who has ST in the late game chapters and how useful does it seem to be? Should I consider it or should I stick with Festival Merchants for seeds?


Tetris Master
Hi @Henroo, I was like you, but in Ch19 I had to add Sunset Towers to keep up (I already had 32 Festival Merchants). You need to level it lvl 12 before production becomes more efficient per tile per hour, but you also get the reduction in decay. For any level higher than that it is a pure bonus, so worthwhile.


Active Member
I am on the cusp of Chapter 17, and actively working on my Sunset Towers again for exactly that reason. For a while, I had both the Maze and Sunset Towers specifically to help offset the decay. Dumped the Maze when the flock nested in my city. I plan to simply out-produce the mana decay but mitigate the others.


Chef - loquacious one
Definitely need it. And, the great thing is: you have a fellowship who can help. We find that getting it up to lvl 6 is a very fast process and to lvl 12 a bit longer, but with AW exchanges, Rune Shard Exchanges, Shout Outs, Swaps, and Wonder Wednesdays, it all gets up there pretty fast. And even if it takes some room from our FM's, in the long run you will be saving room as once you are past lvl 12 it's all good.



Well-Known Member
If chapter 19 set a new trend, then that may signal less comparative need for the sunset towers compared to the festival merchant. From the elementals chapter to chapter 19, the festival merchant has gained just under 70% seed density while the main hall level (the linear multiplier for sunset towers) has increased just under 50%. For many of the chapters the growth of each were reasonably comparable, but with chapter 19 a large jump occurred. I have no idea what this will look like in future chapters.


Oh Wise One
I find it handy, sitting on well over 2mil seeds currently and the reduced decay lets me focus on unurium. Something else to consider is your sentient production. I had 2 of each sentient factory and dropping down to 1 each made a huge difference to my seeds. Those factories can be greedy little things. You might want to check that before the wonder, personally if you need festival merchants I still think you will find the wonder handy.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
I'm in the last third of 17; If I didn't have sunset, I don't think I could make as many sentients as I do. I find it very useful.

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
Waiting for chapter 20:

Screenshot (107).png