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Swords and stars


I will never be a battle expert. It's not my favorite part of the game and I always choose auto-fight (I know that's a disadvantage).

But trying to understand a little better. What is the relationship between the number of swords my forces have and the stars they are given when I select them to fight. eg My sword acrobat has 4 swords against light ranged units but only three stars when I select it. The number of swords seems to be more significant in the outcome than stars.


Buddy Fan Club member
The *4 swords against light ranged units* is the strength of the attack bonus and defense buff when striking light range enemy units. If you hover over the 4 swords, you'll see the percentage of each of those. This only applies to light range units; they don't have that extra strength against other enemy units. The 3 stars that appears in the pop-up if you hover over the troops in the troop selection window for battles refers to their level. There are 'promotions' that you activate in the research tree that upgrades their level. Three star is the highest level. You can find this information on the enemy units by clicking the blue information thingy on that same troop selection window. Then you'll see (for example) that the enemy heavy range unit has a huge attack bonus against light melee. So, you're not going to send swords out against him just to get slaughtered.
Auto fight may not be as much of a disadvantage as you think it is. There's all kinds of things you can learn to figure it out yourself, but I recommend starting with this thread for an easy to follow formula:
By using this formula and catering rounds you lose, you can do sort of a mix of fighting/catering. That's helpful primarily because training troops only costs supplies. It also saves your goods for all the other things you need them to do. By balancing the levels of your barracks, armories, and a couple of Ancient Wonders you can train troops 24/7. That will be the single biggest boost to your ability to keep up with the troops spent on tournament encounters. Remember, you're not going to be building out your military to take most of the hit; you're just building it out to take some of the pressure off your goods production. You'll need a couple armories (or craft Orc Nests) in the Orcs chapter when a new resource: little green orc heads is introduced that are made in Orc level+ armories.
You'll be amazed at how many fights you will win with the information in the above linked thread, even in the higher provinces/rounds of the tourney.***

***Written by an old lady who had never played combat games, didn't build any of the military buildings for the first several chapters unless I had to for a quest; didn't even train units! The benefits of being able to use both resources (troops and goods) were just to much for me to decide to keep doing that. I started with the Combat 101 thread and learned more from there. I had a lot of catching up to do, but I enjoy the combat aspect of the game now. It's just too bad manual fighting is so time consuming! It does save you in troop loses, but if you consistently complete the same rounds in the same province numbers each week, you'll begin to produce what's necessary to keep up with what you're using.


Oh Wise One
All units start at level 1 (1 star), you then get 2 promotion techs. From memory the stars effect troops as follows
  1. Basic stats
  2. Improved stats (same stats for level 2 and 3)
  3. Special ability (for mages this will be a second special ability)
The number of swords seems to be more significant in the outcome than stars.
The theory with the swords is an in-game guide to what might be best to use. Simple rule is the more swords the better (in theory), hence your observation about the significance of them.

Every province has a key unit, learning those unlocks the basics of auto-combat.


Set Designer
2. Improved stats (same stats for level 2 and 3)
If stats are health and attack, then this is incorrect. The health and attack improve from both star upgrades (the transition from 1 to two star is more significant than two to three). What is different is that the two star promotion improves the bonuses against a certain unit type. The 3 star adds a debuff to all attacks (either lower attack or lower defense for the enemy unit). The debuff occurs after the attack and replaces any debuff of the same type.

There are also other aspects that can improve by promotion. For example, with each promotion cerberus gets an extra movement range, the faineant frog gets an extra attack range, and the orc warrior gets an extra strike back.