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Teleporting Constructs Buildings


I have a member who says the game won't let him teleport any of his Constructs guest race buildings. He says when he clicks on Teleport spell, he doesn't even get the little symbol over any of the buildings. Has anyone else had an issue with this? Is it maybe a known bug? I told him to submit a ticket to Support, but we all know how THAT goes!

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
The Teleport Instant does not let you store just any building. There are several you cannot teleport, including any there is a strict limit on having. So it depends on which building he is trying with.


Right, I get that. We have the list of what can't be teleported and his aren't on that list. And it's not his Portal, just the auxiliary guest race buildings. And I'm in a different chapter (15) but it let me teleport all of mine. So I wondered if anyone knew why he couldn't do his.


Set Designer
The Contructs buildings are set pieces; perhaps that is why they won't teleport.

The main reason is that they are restricted in number. So teleporting them and building more and then placing the teleported buildings would bypass the restriction. Therefore you cannot teleport them. This is the reasoning for preventing the portal from being teleported in all guest race chapters.