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Thanks everyone, I have a new home now.


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I have stepped down as AM of my casual FS in Elcy. I will be leaving that FS tomorrow evening after the tourney rewards drop. The FS I thought I was joining had a slot they thought was coming open and just found out today that the member is now staying. It won’t kill me if I miss FS Spire/tourney rewards for one week. I’d rather find a compatible long-term placement than rush. I was in this FS for over 5.5yrs; my other city has been in the same FS for 4.5yrs. I like consistency and stability, lol. I have some specific things I’m looking for:
Zero leadership/administrative responsibilities. I’ve been in leadership in an FS since about a week after I started playing this game; I’m done.
Weekly FS Gold Spire rewards: I’ve been topping the Spire weekly without fail for almost 3 years now (a few months after launch). I’m not interested in being in an FS where there are players who don’t automatically top the Spire every week. I want somewhere that it’s unusual for a member to fail to complete the Spire that week.
Things with a bit of wiggle room:
19 tourney chests/wk: When all 25 members contribute equally to 19 chests, that is 6720 pts each per week. A bit of variation is fine, but a huge imbalance in cities beyond Ch10 doing way less consistently is unacceptable to me. I want to play with others who enjoy doing tourney.
It’s tough to tell from ElvenStats if there is an FS in Elcy that gets 19 chests consistently every week. If your FS is consistently getting 17-18 chests, I can live with that. As long as the overall group is working towards the goal of 19chests/wk, that's fine. My personal tourney goal is 10K pts/wk sustainable; week in and week out. I’m growing slowly toward that goal and am at 8640 pts now. I’ve been over 8100/wk since Dec 2021. I’m currently at 32 provinces x 6 rounds. Will add #33 x 6 rounds in another week or so, but will still be a bit shy of 9K/wk (8910).
Swap system: Prefer NetZero, but not a lot of FS’s have them yet. Personally dislike using swap threads. In that situation, I’d prefer to opt out of using the threads, fill AW’s myself and offer the chests for cheap in chat shout-outs. Would join a Wonder Society as long as I didn’t have to keep up the spreadsheet.
FA’s: Enjoy them for team building (prizes are definitely not worth it) and am fairly proficient at them. That said, as long as we manage to get any artifacts or other stuff needed from the prior event, I’ll be fine. One path to the flag per stage and done is fine with me for that.
Things about my playstyle that could be a drawback:
I have a zero residence/zero regular goods factories build. I get pop and regular goods from event/evolving bldgs. I am primarily a combat city, so it works well for me. I am also parked (after unlocking Ch18) for the foreseeable future. Both these choices would make me a detriment to an FS pushing for top ranking. Event bldgs don’t give ranking points and there are no upgrades available for the ranking bldgs I do have if I don’t progress further in the research tree. It's conceivable my score could double simply by restructuring to a houses/factories build, but I don't want to do that. It also means that I haven’t unlocked Ascending Goods yet, so am no help to members in those chapters. I do keep one each of my Sentient factories active so I can take FS Sentient trades.
I will be a free agent after tourney rewards drop in Elcy Saturday Nov 26th.
Reply here or send in-game message if interested; thanks!
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Oh, hmmmm. Sounds like you should start a new city then. ;):D

Just kidding. Maybe. Good luck!