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The Never Ending Pit


I have a question, to win a bet with my arch mage on Arendyll
He believes that he placed a Statue on the last Adventure Games in the never ending pit
I assured him he did not as the pit did not call for statues as it does not this time either.
Can someone give me some evidence to show him that he is mistaken?


Buddy Fan Club member
The closest I can come to 'evidence' is the response from the moderator on the beta forum when this one released there. It was in response to complaints that this one was exactly the same as the last one with 3 exceptions: Badge icons added to FA quest giver buttons, final waypoint of a path now gives points (it did not in the first one), and the buildings that are prizes for the top 3 ranked FS are different. I thought the same as your AM, lol! Our FS with a bunch of new to the game members only played casually (took the blue path X 3; done) but last one everyone liked the 'badge burning party' we threw in the pits, lol. Once I saw we were going to finish really early, I set statues & blacksmiths to cooking so we'd have some to keep the pits going. The blacksmiths helped; the statues are still sitting there.
Also, I used my saved copy of spoilers from the first one to provide direction on which badges to make for upcoming rounds. Every single one was exactly the same...
The quote from Marindor is:
"The setup and rewards will regularly change but not always. This time we focused on optimizing it. The next time we will start to introduce some first few changes in setup, including new badges :)"


Thanks Samidodamage
Unfortunately he will not accept that as he says that is not "all inclusive" they also changed the pit round by adding 4 whirpools instead of stars but that is not listed.


Mathematician par Excellence
I can confirm that Elegant Statues were not used in the pit, ever.
In the first Live FA I had a lot of excess room in my city(between chapters) and took it upon myself to be the only person in my FS making non-boosted factories, having everyone else focus on workshops.
We completed all 3 stages (skipping the red route) and completed at least 21 "rounds" in the bottomless pit.
I did not make or use a single Elegant Statue.
On another Live server my wife did the exact same thing as me, being the sole player responsible for non-boosted.
Zero Elegant Statues made/used. (@TomatoeHu)
If your AM is looking for someone to prove a negative though, that'll be pretty difficult if not impossible.


Yes I absolutely know none were used in the first Live, I am a Mage on Khelonaar in Stylmist IV we finished 2nd there on the first live rounds and again on this one. I know that no statues were ever used in the pit but like you said, convincing the AM on Arendyll of that is trying to prove a negative, and not likely to happen. It really doesn't matter that much now anyway as the game is over and he chose not to listen to me or heed my advice regarding statues.


I made a few Blacksmith badges and Statues early on in the second stage - I missed the first - and held them until the Pit, never having a call for them anywhere. In the future, I will scout the waypoint reqs before I build the exotic stuff.