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The Pit

A few variations in honor of the upcoming FA.
What's your favorite?
1 2
3 4

pit 5.jpg
pit 3.jpg
pit 2.jpg
pit 1.jpg

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member
1 It looks like the most treacherous one. All it needs is an elf, human or orc (maybe all three) being drawn into the center of the vortex to complete the horror of the bottomless pit of despair. But they are all much better the cutesy one in the game.


Chef - loquacious Old Dog
2 Because I'm not odd. Okay, I do like the colors better and that it appears less trecherous.

And 4 could be improved, I think, by making the actual surface area of the water larger and the brambles around it less pronounced and/or lower.

Poor 4 - no votes - But that's what the AI goddess supplied :-D
Odds still tied at 3-3 each, but #2 is catching up with two votes.


Active Member
I like 1 the best because it looks more like what I would picture in my mind instead of the one in game.


Active Member
I'm partial to #2. It looks like it's ready to pull everything thats around it in. In other words, the complete opposite of how I view the Pit of our FA's. And that is something that only wants what I don't have.