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The Slayers Take is recruiting


New Member
In search of granite, crystal and gem producers especially.

The Slayers Take is a fellowship ranked in the low 200s. We are really easy going and supportive of each other and have been growing at a very quick rate. We can easily get to the 6th chest in the tournaments and bronze medals for spire are a simple matter while we were 81st during last fellowship adventure with only 12 participants. We also have a few members that clear out our fellowship trades regularly since we all produce our boosted goods and track who can make what.

We are currently searching for active players who will help contribute to the fellowships growth and participate in tournaments and the spire. We aren't asking for constant participation nor full pushes we only occasionally go for those and only ask for more aggressive participation during those times.

Joining a fellowship has many benefits to it but even if you join you are free to leave if you feel we are not a good fit for you. By the way we currently have 9 open slots in our fellowship for new members.

Current Boosted Goods Production Count:
Marble:5 Metal:6 Wood:7
Crystal:6 Scroll:8 Silk:3
Magic Dust:5 Elixir:5 Gems:5

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask and I'll answer any questions I can. I look forward to hearing from you either way preferably wanting to join.