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Event The Woodelvenstock Festival is here!



Dear Humans and Elves,

Music sounds from near and far as stages are built and the most famous bands from all over Elvenar arrive with their entourage. Fans queue up to get a blink at their favourite celebrities. Grumpy Orcs wait for the mosh pit to be opened and Elves look for alternative beats, while the dwarven security takes care of the safety. Everyone knows what this means, because it's unmistakenably...

The Woodelvenstock Festival!

Starting on Monday 9 July 2018, you will be able to complete the quests and search your city to find tickets for the Festival Theatre. This magic automation entertains young and old. Displaying the animated history of Elvarian music, it also releases precious rewards with every inch, while the puppets move. Win daily exclusives and beautiful grand prizes, and complete your Woodelvenstock Set.


The tickets you find and earn can be used to open up chests, containing valuable prizes! You can choose from 3 chests at a time, but the chests will rotate every time you open one, so keep checking the information screens to know what's inside and what the chances are for each prize! Opening the chests also rewards you with Magic Goo, which counts towards your progress bar for the grand prizes and the intermediate rewards that are between them. Combine the Grand Prizes with some of the daily prizes to complete the Woodelvenstock set and build your very own Woodelvenstock Music Festival in your city, complete with the Main Stage that's shown below.


More information on the Festival can be found on our wiki pages, or you can have a look at the video below, where Timon and Rike will introduce you to the event!

The Woodelvenstock Festival lasts until 6 August 2018, meaning you have until then to complete all the festival-related quests and score as many of the special event buildings as you can.

As always, we're looking forward to hearing your feedback. Please let us know your thoughts by posting in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team