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Thinking of Making a Change for the New Year?

  • Thread starter Deleted User - 849411552
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Deleted User - 849411552

With the recent retirement from the game of one of our members, we have one place open in the Goodfellows, a top 25 fellowship with a heart.

This is our Overview:

Welcome to the Goodfellows, a fellowship who focuses on kindness and fun, teamwork and companionship.

The Goodfellows are active players who have reached Chapter 9 or higher and who score at least 1000 points each in the weekly tournament, regularly unlocking at least the 10th chest. We also enjoy climbing the Spire and going on Fellowship Adventures.
A Spire Push is scheduled for the first Sunday of the month.

We try to be good citizens within the Elvenar community. We never intentionally recruit (i.e. "poach") from other active fellowships, and we believe in fair trading. If a member posts a zero or one star trade, it is by prearrangement within the fellowship or with a neighbor.

If you think this would be a good fit, please contact me here or in-game.

Deleted User - 849411552

Thank you for you consideration. The Goodfellows is now full again.

Deleted User - 849411552

Another of our senior players has just retired from the game, so we again have a vacancy.

The Chapter 9 requirement is a guideline only, which we will waive for the right person. Our last two recruits were Chapter 8 and Chapter 5 respectively, and they are both excellent players.

Deleted User - 849411552

Thank you for your interest. We are full again.