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Three Church Mice Vacancies in Sinya Arda > Recruiting <


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We are looking for three more members who would like to be part of an unobtrusive (we don't send frequent messages and have your mail indicator constantly lighting up) fellowship that can guarantee you at least bronze Spire + 1 chest every week (so as long as you make it all the way through the Gateway section, you will get 50 diamonds at the end of the week) and at least 8 chests in the Tournament every week.

We do not have swap chain threads for AWs (we know many FS do, but at this time, we've chosen not to do that) nor do we have the Net-Zero policy in place. We do shout-out any open chests before preparing to upgrade in the FS chat.

We welcome cities of all sizes.

Our requirements are simple:
  • Visit your FS members at least 3 times each week
  • Tournament participation is required. We ask that you do at least four stars in each province. We ask that you do a number of provinces each tournament equal to your chapter number. However, if you are above chapter 12, you are not required to achieve more than 2000 points in the Tourney each week.
  • Spire is recommended. As stated above, we reach Bronze every week without fail. We have consistently achieved 1 chest above Bronze.
  • Participation in the FA is encouraged but not required. We will push harder on the FA when any member states that they need the artifacts. We never fail to complete at least 1 path on all 3 maps - even when we only had 13 members.
  • Regarding manufactories: boosted goods only. (Event buildings are not manufactories, and you may place as many of these in your city as it benefits you to do.) The exception regarding boosted manus is for quest fulfillment, if it cannot be traded for, or during FAs.
  • You must notify the AM if you expect to be absent from the game for 5 days or more. Please change your city name to reflect your return date.
The trader is checked at least four times each day and is cleared (all FS trades filled) at least once a day.

We're happy to chat, but we're not all online at the same time, so it's often quiet in our neck of the woods. ;) That said, we do have a Discord server as well. "Be vewy, vewy quiet! We're hunting rabvenars."

Fair warning up front: our AM actively tracks member participation in the Tourney. Non-participation is grounds for being removed from the group.
Also fair warning: we will be having a Tourney push week at the beginning of March. Correction: We've moved that up, so you wouldn't be able to join us for the push week, since that's already underway and Inno's new regs don't allow for new members to participate in group activities that have already begun.

If an actively moderated group with non-intensive participation requirements sounds like where you'd like to be while in Elvenar on Sinya, please stop by and drop in an application in game.

We look forward to playing with you at Sinya Arda > Recruiting <!
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I shall add a requirement (that I didn't think needed to be enumerated): We expect civil behavior. This is to say that we expect players to follow the game's code of conduct. This means I (or the mage online when you decide to ignore the warning you get after the first instance) will boot you from the FS if you post any statement that violates the game's code of conduct or is made solely to create drama.

No llamas, please. You may return them to the petting zoo. :)