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Could someone please explain Tiers to me? I keep hearing about trading in tiers. Tier 1, 2 and 3. And being boosted in levels?


There are three tiers of goods manufacturing. Basic, Crafted and Magical.

Basic - Steel, Marble, Planks
Crafted - Crystal, Scrolls, Silk
Magical - Elixir, Gems, Magic Dust

The three relic provinces surrounding your village is what makes up your boosted goods. This means that those manufactories produce a lot more goods than non-boosted. If you collect more of the same relic type as your boosted manufactory, your boost increases and you produce more goods in that manufactory.

Tip: to see what your current boost is, click on your Main Hall and then click the relics tab. If no boost is available, unlock the boost technology in your research :)

To learn more about goods and the manufactories that make them, look here:

To learn about relics and boosts, look here:

Happy gaming :)