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Tolkien - Recruiting has 1 opening!


Looking for a change?
We are a weekly 10-chest FS, looking for players committed to tourney play and Spire play. If you love being part of a fun & friendly group that loves hunting blueprints and climbing the Spire in search of Gold, then join our fellowship! Together we are "TOLKIEN STRONG"!!

To be an active "Tolkienite" please check your messages regularly. Mobile now has messaging so don't miss out on a LOT of goodies and info!

We visit at least 4x/wk & do our fair share in weekly tournaments. 1,600 points is our weekly minimum and advice or help is readily available!

RL happens! Just let us know & post a return date in your city name. 5 days w/o contact may result in removal from the FS, so check your messages regularly, please.

Please contact InfamousPhoenix to apply. Active, fun players will find a happy home here! ~*~
To apply to Tolkien your city must be at 50K+ points and Ch. 6 ~*~
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3 spots available and open now. That means your friend can come with you!
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We have 1 opening due to a member with real life going on. Apply in game to Tolkien or send InfamousPhoenix a message in game please! Or respond in here and I will let them know.

Lady Dastardly

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Haha, I spoke too soon! While that spot has been claimed, we will have 2 more spots opening this weekend as 2 members are needing a break to attend to real life responsibilities.

We're a low pressure, but high achieving group. Averaging 15-17 chests, and weekly gold spire. Trades are cleared regularly, and we have extremely active KP swap threads. We have daily players at all levels, from end game to Ch 6, so there's always someone who can help if you're looking for some advice.

Minimum requirements are modest - 1600 tournament pts, spire participation, 4x visits, reading/replying to messages - but most members do more just because they love the game.

Contact InfamousPhoenix in game, or reply here if you have questions or are interested.
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