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tournament ending time


i thought tournaments ended at and started at 2pm est? this one just ended at 1pm est and it cut me off from a chest i was watching but thought i had time?


I still have '1 day" on my screen then it will count down the last 24 hrs I think.

that is the FS event. we also have the weekly, or had the weekly tournament that starts every tue @ 2pm est and runs to sat @ 2pm est.. or so it thought it had for the last 13 months? my FS event also shows one day. i was wondering if that would just click off like the weekly did? not sure if the time change last week had anything to do with it? but that was last weekend, and this tournament did not start until tuesday so it should not of had an effect. i had a couple servers, ( out of 4) that only needed one guy to do his last days to finish the chest, i only get 2 chests as i only have my own 2 accounts in the fs.
thank you for your answer though Shimmerfly :+)


Buddy Fan Club member
I noticed it when this tournament began it was 1:00 pm eastern, tigor. Did not pay attention to last weeks because I was not on when it started nor at the very end. Maybe since everything is based on the time in Germany they may not observe daylight savings time the way we do, so when our clocks rolled back an hour, theirs did not? Or they've changed the start times and I missed the announcement...


like always, inno fails. it has been 2pm to 2pm forever. they did not update something. they did not announce it, but they have busted pop-ups on the most stupid of things, endless notices on things i care nothing about, but something important for the actual players experience, they do not care. all they care about is scamming us out of as much money as they can. like this prizeless fs event. thank you for your response. time change was over a week ago.. why would i not think inno would screw this up also?