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TradePost Divine SEEKS PLANK BOOSTED Player


We are seeking a Plank boosted player with scrolls or silk. Prefer someone established with a rank over 3000 but will consider an everyday player.

We are an active Fellowship as well as very active in chat. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We like to have fun, tend to be sarcastic, and like to kid around, and with all of this, we especially want to progress and grow in the game. We are now accepting applications even if you do not meet the requirements please talk with us and maybe we can make an exception for you. WE HAVE TWO SPOTS OPEN..

We have a minimum requirement of:
* 4 visits per week (most do 7 days)
* We expect to see growth every week to ensure the advancement of the entire fellowship! (This does not apply to those who give notice of absence by email please).
* 2 and 3 star trades (0 - 1 star trades ONLY if trading between each other for immediate help and has been discussed with who you are working with in the fs)

Thank you and enjoy Elvenar!