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Help Triumph of the Tides...worth placing?


Active Member
So I finally got an evolution artifact so I can make my Triumph of the Tides a fully evolved building. Is it a good one to place? I play 65% military so I only use goods on tech and 6 provinces in the tourney. Also I got my Triumph of the Tides 5 chapters ago so would need 16 RR for each chapter to upgrade. What are your thoughts?

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
The Base is in the crafting rotation, so just disenchant the one you have now and craft a new one when it shows up. It is also one of those buildings where you choose one of four possible productions to make in it and the Seed choice produces a lot, assuming you are in chapter 11 or later. In chapter 20, it gives me 12k seeds, or the same as 2 1/2 Festival Merchants, in much less space. Or if I really wanted to, I could make 3450 Vallorians instead.

Lady Dastardly

Well-Known Member
I agree with Enevhar about recrafting the base, but once you do, it's VERY much worth placing in my opinion, regardless of whether you fight or cater. It's also a great mana producer in Ch. 10. So good in fact, that I kept it at Ch. 10 once I crossed into Ch. 11 because I needed mana a lot more than I needed seeds in that chapter. At this point it's the 1st bldg I upgrade when I enter a new chapter to get that bump to seeds. To give you an idea how valuable I think it is, I bought a second base when it was for sale awhile ago.


Tetris Master
Agree above, very worthwhile building. I use mine for seeds, which is excellent per tile per hour. 12,000 seeds per day/24hrs/16 tiles=31.25 per tile per hour, far superior to Festival Merchant same chapter at 15.3 per tile per hour.

I see you @Smooper are on Chapter 10, so @Lady Dastardly 's advice is probably most relevant.


Oh Wise One
Triumph is probably the best producer of seeds in the game on a square for square basis (other than the trader). If you have plenty of seeds and fight a lot, the daily output of Vallarian Guards is going to be equal to roughly 6 Vallarian Valor buildings. One word of caution about Triumph of the Tides: it has 4 different production options. However every time you upgrade it then the production defaults to supplies. Which is not very useful for high level cities. You will need to reset the production option every time you upgrade ToT.

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member
I was never interested in the ToT. But y'all have made me look again. So, I think I'll place it. I don't know about other chapters, but in chapter 20 it produces 750 seeds per sq. per day whereas the Festival Merchant produces 367. So more than double. Plus, much more culture and pop on top of that. Ah, silly Yogi and thanks for the question @Smooper and the answers from the rest.