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Un"bear"able Spire Prizes


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
In my second full run of the Spire since the bear artifacts have been available, I received 2 artifacts, one at the second to the last boss and one in a purple mystery chest. I had hopes at the last boss, but alas just another Dwarven Armorer. I do have six of those now. When I get to 50 or so, maybe I will use them.

My record so far is:

Week 1 0
Week 2 2
My record so far is
Week 1 1
Week 2 zero

Good luck to both of us ... looks like we need it.


I've gotten 1 artifact so far after 2 climbs up the spire. I try not to expect anything though as the odds are really bad and the moment you expect something you'll probably get disappointed.

EDIT: This week I've gotten 2 bear artifacts from mystery chests on the 2nd floor (one from legendary and one from rare). Well that explains why I haven't had any luck with the Sorcerer's event so far LOL
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Well-Known Member
In my third Spire run I did not get any bear artifacts, in spite of getting a purple chest (I did get 3 teleport spells from the chest, which is nice). So my overall record for bear artifacts is

Week 1 0
Week 2 2
Week 3 0


Mathematician par Excellence
Beta: 1,1, 1, 0, ?, ? Need 1 more
Winy: 0, 0, 1, ?, ?, ? Need 4 more
Khel: 1, 0, 1, ?, ?, ? Need 2 more

Winy finally didn't get skunked, there's still hope for those little elves!


Mathematician par Excellence
Beta: 1,1, 1, 0, 2*, ? Need -1 more
Winy: 0, 0, 1, 0, ?, ? Need 4 more
Khel: 1, 0, 1, 1, ?, ? Need 1 more

*For the first time since artifacts were added to the spire I got 2 in one week and it happened immediately after getting the last one that I needed.

The Unbeliever

Well-Known Member
2 purple chests and a brown in my first 5 battles this morning (wat?) and purples both gave artifacts

first floor boss also gave up an artifact

so three on the first floor brings me to six total

it's like rngesus saw my event run and took pity on me
...more like took pity on how you've had your 1 championship, and now get to endure the next 50 years of;
- the Raps imploding
- the Jays still trying to find "pitching" in the dictionary
- TFC trying to remember how to tie their shoes
- the Argos still flunking out of 'toddlers first tackling school'
- ...and of course, the Loafs objecting to missing out on extra tee times with Bieber! (to which they predictably blow a 3-1 series lead to hit links before everyone else!:p)


No bear artifact here. Even if I had a chest with 99% chance bear, 1% coin rain. Guess which one I would get. lol.
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All the way up every week. So far 1, 2, 1 0 and this week 0 so far. Just got a purple chest at the top of level one and.... 3 teleport and portal instant. : 0
These buildings are not that great unless they are high level, and this system does not work for most unless, you have enough diamonds for later use in the MA. If you get one artifact per week (a big if), you get the building to level 7 and still need to craft 3 more = 9 blueprints = 2700 diamonds.