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We have applied a restructure!

Dear Humans and Elves,

We have applied a restructure to our bugs forum in order to help you all, and our bugs team to better address your findings. As you can see, we have removed the 'Fixed' and 'Confirmed' sections as these are primarily used on our Beta forum due to the bugs community that it serves. These sections are not necessarily needed on a live market.

We have resorted to a more "simple" structure, which I will explain briefly below.

Thread Prefixes:
  • Open: This thread prefix will be used when a player opens a new bug report until changed by a moderator. This will contain bugs and text-errors found within the game.
  • Closed | Contact Support: This thread prefix will be used once a moderator has acknowledge the report and are requesting that you contact support. You can also view their response in the thread for more detail.
  • Closed | Archive: These are bugs that are either duplicates, or have already been fixed. The moderator that handled the thread will address this via a post inside the thread.
All open/existing bugs will remain in the main section as a "sticky" thread. Once the bug has been resolved, the prefix will be altered and moved to the archive section.

We appreciate your cooperation while we all get adjusted. Should you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our Community Management team.

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team
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