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update v 1.133 discussion


Buddy Fan Club member
Anyone else having an issue with the Pilgrim's set not crediting the link bonuses of goods since the update? I'm almost positive it only credits the base production to the bracelets badge, the floating tooltip thing only shows the base production, but not sure if it's just a display error in what was credited to my inventory.


Buddy Fan Club member
I figured it out (no interruptions today, lol!). It was the change in how the hover pop-ups work for the new set bldgs. I have some old sets in my cities that don't have that bonus up arrow, just the base production then '+xxx' for the link bonus productions. I was comparing the way the new set displays as if the changes were applied to all set bldgs, so I was counting the link bonus productions twice :oops:


I noticed a couple of things in the app that aren't mentioned.
1) When I tap and hold on a building the move/sell screen automatically opens. I'm worried about accidentally moving a linked building (and resetting it's timer in the process). I don't see why we need this feature.
2) when collecting for badges I slowly swipe across the row of ws but the allocation of a badge doesn't happen until I lift my finger off the screen. I ended up collecting from 15 ws before I noticed.