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update v1.129 discussion


Oh Wise One
Fewer crashes in IOS sounds great! I learned the game on PC but I use mobile to keep my city going when I am away from my laptop. The mobile version is frustrating to me because it crashes so often. I think I would have quit the game early on if that was the only way I had to play.

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
@helya are you sure that date for this update is correct? We never have updates on Mondays, so it sounds like a copy/paste from either the EN or Beta update. Will this actually happen this Thursday?

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
It's on Monday just this one time because there's some sort of holiday in Germany and no one is working Thursday or Friday.

Good to know it is a one time thing. :)

But unfortunately, that also means four days of no bug fixes and stuff. I guess that also means the next FA on Beta may not start this week either, as expected.


Well-Known Member
Please move back the check box in the production window to the middle where it was! it is horrible in the right corner :/
idk what was overlapping before, but it IS overlapping right now :/ the lined up resources totally covering the checkbox. besides that it is a pretty inconvenient spot.
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Well-Known Member
So, I've noticed that Armories have received the checkbox to start all productions simultaneously for Orcs...but only on the mobile version of the game. Is there a timeframe for this coming to browser as well? Actually, I don't even see this addition mentioned in any release notes (if I missed it, someone can feel free to point it out to me!). This isn't some 'limited release' feature, is it?


Well-Known Member
That is how it went May of last year, so there was the chance it would be the same this year.

Also, there should not be a FA after the June event either, if it is the same as last year.
re: no FA after event
Mixed feelings here. Last one I wasn't excited about, probably mostly from feeling bad I couldn't contribute as much because I had a full settlement in my way. I'm in a no-pressure FS, but I still feel bad if I don't pull more than my weight. This time, I'm between settlements (just started the next, actually, but room to share for a short time) and I already got my shanty town set up. Ironic or whatever. Not disappointed, however. Not looking forward to the next, but I'll be ready -- hopefully I'll temporarily have the space again by the time it comes back around and I can set up again.... Timing. lol


Active Member
I don't remember the last time I needed to get an update from Google Play Store. Thankfully my android automatically updates to the latest version whenever I log in. The last thing I need is something else to forget.