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Upgrading Magical Residences / Workshops


Well-Known Member
With the addition of the Magical Residences and Workshops - would be nice if INNO created a way to upgrade these new premium building withOUT the need to basically buy a new building.

Include an upgrade button that will take the magical building up to the max level for the chapter the player is in and charge the difference in diamond cost between the original building and the cost of the new building. Don't charge the FULL price for the new building unless the player is building new.

This creates a better relationship with the player - buy not appearing to be a pure money grab. It will encourage players to purchase these buildings at a lower chapter - knowing they can be upgraded for a reasonable fee (even though still diamonds) instead of having to be replaced by a new building - the way culture is done. (Although it would be nice if you would consider doing the same with the premium culture)