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Utopia Springs is looking for friendly folks


Well-Known Member
Utopia Springs is looking for folks! We're a friendly group, the kind you join and stay. One of our crew just retired from the game, so we have an opening.
We have a good team with 11+ chests weekly, silver Spire (monthly gold), and frequent team visits. We have active KP trading threads and bonus KPs.
Happy to answer any questions y'all have!


Well-Known Member
We have another person retiring from the game. Please drop us a line if y'all are interested!


Well-Known Member
Bumping this with the group description. Please ping Kat or Lulu even if we look full.

We are a supportive fellowship seeking a fun loving, active member in search of adventure in building their cities. Please contact Lulu and Kats to join. Looking for planks plz. We are NOT a stop off point to move up, join ONLY if you want a HOME!
Having fun is our #1 rule in the fellowship, drama is NOT allowed. We do not care about rank, we just want you to have a sense of humor and to enjoy the game. We accept ALL people here regardless of their gender, religion or anything else lol....and we are NICE to them ALL!!! So come enjoy the game with us! LOVE ALL PEOPLE ;-)

*We would like daily visits in this fellowship, however we have a 5 per week minimum.
*We do tourney 11 chest+ every week with participation from all minimum 1600+ points.
*We have been THE #1 FA fellowship and and strive to be the best when we decide to take 1st at least once a year and finish in the top 10 every time!
*We ask that you offer only fair trades, not cross trades. (unless pre-arranged with another fellow)
*We are a Silver Spire fellowship and do Gold every 4 weeks as a team builder, first tourney week of every month is Gold Spire.
*Please let us know when you will be gone more than a weekend.
*Boosted only and 90,000K or more to apply plz
*There is NO bullying condoned.