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(V) (;,,;) (V) We are Recruiting


New Member
(V) (;,,;) (V) ………. Yes that is the name of our fellowship. We are on Khelonaar US server, we are looking for active players to replace some inactive players.

Ideal Candidate:
Would have a score around 5000 and up (around ch3).
Would do daily visits at least 4x a week.
Would give fair trades of 2 star minimum
(unless you are trading with someone and they agree to your trade.)
Would be boosted in one or more of either, Iron, Crystal, Silk, or Elixir.

We actively take part in all FA’s, Tournaments, as well as Story Quests.

We are a friendly group that likes to chat it up in chat and at other times it is a quiet as a church mouse. Beware though we do have a cookie thief. We all work together to help everyone out and grow. If this sounds like a fit for you drop a mail to Iryl Songbrook, or Shareenalor.