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Welcome CMs


Oh Wise One
Just to follow up on what Astram said - poor DeadEye Jerry has been kept very busy just lately. He's trying to clean up one of the worst public relations disasters to hit Beta since the Magic Academy was forced down players' throats.

*Because who wouldn't love a chapter 1 research kickback, and a new building that takes an entire expansion, plus the storyline quest hijack. This is why players' guides like ElvenGems came into being.
Are you talking about the Cauldron? Or has something else happened?


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
Are you talking about the Cauldron? Or has something else happened?
On Beta, there were some players who got extra diamonds for some quests. A decision was made to claw back diamonds from all players on the Beta server. There are reports of some players who lost 60 % of their diamond stocks. There are several threads on Beta about this, but this is a Welcome thread, so let me just say that Deadeye Jerry is manually checking each and every account on Beta, in an attempt to avoid a class action lawsuit from being filed. I have my stock restored, but there are still some angry players out there.