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What do I do with all these rune shards?


I've been playing for quite a while and have accrued a lot of rune shards for Ancient Wonders that have already been built. I have three AWs left to go and I never seem to get runes for them. So now I have AWs that are being patiently upgraded that have unusable rune shards. I know that the line of rune shards applies equally to each AW. Is there any way I can take some of the shards that are building up (e.g., my Needles of the Tempest has 54 rune shards just sitting there) and apply them to get moving with my Elvenar Trading Center AW?


If you build an AW, wait for it to finish and sell it, the ring will be empty so you can refill just for the broken shards to use on other AW's. Obviously only do this on wonders you don't want. ;)
I just cleared the rings on 8 of mine so I could get the Dragon Abbey ring full 5 minutes after unlocking it using broken shards from other wonders to make all the rune shards.
For the ones you want to keep they need the ring refilled every 5 levels so level them up and you will need the rune shards.