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What is/are your most favourited building(s) in Elvenar?


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Hello Community,

at first I have to admit that I really like the design of Elvenar in general.

I very often find myself rearranging my cities or even use teleport just because I like to change the overall composition.

In german forum I was sometimes called an esthetic player. :)

I'll start with my Chapter 17-City where some older and beloved buildings are placed although they are about ten chapters old.
I even used RR on them from time to time in order to have them on actual chapter one day but I fear that I won't succeed. ;)

Ok, first one is the Seeker of Knowledge because he is perfectly visually matching to Moonstone Set. (the Seeker is on chapter 10 atm)


And second one is Gaelagil's Balcony because i like the design of that building itself very much, because it has got a romantic touch and with 3x2 a size, a building size that one is not able to get that often. (It is still on chapter 6)


My question would be if you have one or more most favourited/beloved buildings in your cities too and what they would be?
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I'd have to say its the Witty Raccoon. 4KP per day for only taking up nine spaces is the best KP to size ratio I've ever seen, and it can be boosted even further to 12 if you feed it pet food. It can also help with Mana or Seeds, depending on your chapter.

Tinlug, The Star Serpent is also very good at 3KP for nine spaces, and has a feeding effect that helps a lot of combining catalysts.

I also really like the Orc Rally Point. Not to use, but to teleport into my inventory to disenchant for spell fragments.


Well-Known Member
Favorite seems to clash with efficient/need'd/want'd.

a good combo is P.Manor set+Boblin's Express....
2 CCs/day , 1.5 MMs/day , 5 relics/day alone.....
plus all the xtra stuff ya get.


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
For aesthetics I really enjoy Prince Charming Float. Every time I watch him fussing over his hair I smile.
I also really enjoy orcs and goblins playing with buildings, like painting a blue egg, or activating the Bubble Float. I sometimes wonder if they aren't peering around with telescopes, like Purple Phoenix Egg, or the Human Magic Academy.


Active Member
At next there are my two favourited "rare" buildings from my beta Chapter 11-City.

I call them "The Dynamic Duo" and of course they are perfectly visually matching to each other like they could be part of a set. ;)


It's the Erath Dragon and the Celestial Titan.
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I'll start with my Chapter 17-City where some older and beloved buildings are placed
Back to my Chapter 17-City to complete it's list of most favoutited rare buildings.

Third one which really met my taste is "The Burning Man", simply because he is "on fire", like me most of the time when I play Elvenar.


And last but not least in this city "The Nightfur Unicorn" because I like how it looks like and because it seems to be a nocturnal creature. :)


I've just teleported those two in my inventory to make space for a Meditation Circle and I will probably not putting them back in my city, because I am pretty sure that I will not be able to save up enough RR to get them on current chapter.

Just mentioning those favourited buildings in hope to be able to catch at least one of those 4 again maybe someday in the future.
Plus, in my opinon, those nice building-designs would deserve to be used again. ;)


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Now I am going to add some offtopic. :) This time I would like to introduce a mysterious case of orc-appearance.

Let's take a closer look:


What has happend here? Did some orcs succed in renting a flat in this human residence? How did they just manage that?

I guess I have to admit that I am a kind of hobby-ilusionist and I am feeling really successful when the changes I made to my city yesterday are
irritating even myself the next day! ;)

And now I am going to solve the puzzle:


It is just "The Hidden Orc Smuggler" relaxing in the backyard. :)


Oh Wise One
I also really like the Orc Rally Point. Not to use, but to teleport into my inventory to disenchant for spell fragments.
You have gotten me curious. I do remember Orc Rally Points as being very large buildings. But I never considered teleporting them into inventory just to disenchant. How many spell fragments do they give?


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
1050, however they do require settlement goods. The next best is pond of recreation or garden of harmony which is 900 SF without needing settlement good

Last year, I always teleported my settlement buildings into inventory whenever I was finished with a chapter. They came in really handy for spell frags for quests. But that's only a good plan if you have plenty of teleports.