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What is/are your most favourited building(s) in Elvenar?


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You didn’t mention the fact that it’s also one of the prettiest evolving building.
Yes it is and it's got that romantic touch too. :)

I've just pulled my one and only Stonehenge out of my first-city's inventory just in order to screenshot it.
Back in the days I could manage to evolve it up to Stadium 4.

I really like it but since it is at Chapter 10 and I am at Chapter 17 it normally stays in my inventory.

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Since @ZeNSiErT showed his little collection of Trophy Buildings in this thread I felt like doing the same. So here is mine. ;)


The Blooming Trader Guild is intentionally placed exactly like this, when being animated it looks like the bee cannot really decide if it should take the right or the left way to fly past the Triumphal Column. ;)
Maybe some kind of symbol for my kind of playstyle?


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Sometimes I like to combine buildings with each other. Can be funny in lots of different cases I guess. :)


Safety first! This Wavecrest Barrier should help my to prevent my citizens from accidently falling into the Golden Abyss, while walking home from work, staring on their smartphones playing Elvenar. ;)


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Hello lovers of rare buildings,

I must admit that I once dreamed of having a city that only consists of summonings, event-buildings and especially them rare buildings that nowadays give RRs when sold.

Today I decided to give up my plan, simply because of the fact that I will never have enough RRs to upgrade them all.

Feels a little sad but will add some space to my cities and some RRs to my inventory. ;)

Today I will have to say "Goodbye and Farewell to the following beloved buildings in my beta-city.
It feels like a kind of burial of my own dream and it costs me tons of overcoming, but it will make it definetly easier to move on forward in game.