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What is the Algebra of Culture Bonus?


I have never paid much attention to culture bonuses but now that I have maxxed out my military AWs (except FA. Don't have, don't want) I am starting to work on the resource strategy that maximizes the wholesaler resources.

So the Lighthouse of Good Neighborhood increases the EE spell duration while the Crystal Lighthouse/Bell Spire increases the neighborly help polish duration. Which one of these is the time-limiting clock for the foundation of the Culture Bonus, or do they both have to be running and the Culture Bonus only lasts as long as the shortest timer?


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The help polish works for as long it works and the EE works for how long the spell works. However, the bonus from the EE spell only works during the time there is some polish on the building. During the time of the EE spell, the polish might run out (no bonus anymore) and a new polish from someone else might come in (the bonus is active again).


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I gotta ask: Why no Merc camp speed bonus wanted? IMO the best troops come from there.

I agree with Soggy on this one. I don't know what I'd do without my Blossom Mage/Frog combinations that so often result in zero losses.



Good question. Yes, you are right, the troops are the best. I keep queues running 24/7, of course.
Because I fight manually i just don't have the losses that AF do. I never seem to run out of Rangers, Frogs or Blossoms.
I can't remember when I last used Brown Bear. Maybe last month. That is my fall back.
If I want to AF I can throw Barracks troops at them. A victory is a victory and Barracks troops are plentiful.

5 Rangers are the best attack on a 4 or 5 Mage opposition line. I use them when they have the clear advantage and not otherwise.
I think I use banshees a lot more than other gamers do. My lineup has to be squeezed behind a hedge before Blossoms become a must. They are too soft a target for most fights involving LR or LM, and most fights include them.

I don't think the AW is worth the CAL burden. I don't use enough Buds to want a surplus of them.
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@Killy- or anyone: Neighborly help seems to polish the same buildings time and again. Even when I go to give neighborly help to a bunch more neighbors, the same targets seem to be polished in my city. Maybe one new one. I have EE-able buildings that get polished about once per month. Is there any strategy to push the neighborly help generator toward buildings that are under-polished?


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The target offered for polish is always the one with the most culture (which isn't polished already) - you wanna use your EE on those buildings.


Oh Wise One
despite your title your question seems more around the mechanics of the EE spell and related wonders. The EE spells has 3 requirements to work:
  • Must have a culture bonus in your town of 125% or better (it only improves the bonus, it doesn't create one)
  • Building must be polished from help
  • Building must have EE spell on it
In terms of help people are always offered the highest culture building available. So if only the same ones are getting polished either you may have limited people boosting culture (from low visit or people picking other stuff or both). Or the help runs out before the next person polishes, this is where the lighthouse/bell spire can help. In theory with 12hr help 2 people could be polishing the same building for 24hr coverage, but with 24hr help those same 2 people can cover 2 buildings.

Other than consideration of number of visits and length of help/spells also look at the mix of help buildings you have. In my town I am looking at dropping my larger culture items for smaller ones so I can get more bonuses from the same space ( I get enough visits). This can also be handy for later chapters where mana demands are high, things like mana huts with a LoGN create crazy amounts of mana while giving a nice culture boost. From memory I think pets can't have EE spells on them so also consider how many buildings you have that people can help but can't provide the spell bonus.

Hints in city name help but generally I find most people ignore those. I haven't had the hints for years and I still get a large number of people helping culture. It can take time to build up the "relationship" with neighbours. Some will only return your visit, I find a small number of long time neighbours will ensure they visit you regardless as they remember you as a regular visitor.