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What should I consider when fighting on android?


I started playing Elvenar only 6 weeks ago (am half way through chapter 3) and do not generally play fighting/battle games but I'm keen to learn. Elvenar doesn't offer much of a learning curve when it comes to fighting and I managed to kill off my entire army before figuring out the painfully slow regeneration rate. I was left with no choice but to negotiate which effectively destroyed my game play. Each encounter would cost me an entire days production of goods. That city still hasn't recovered fully. I now have 4 user profiles and 17 cities, the majority of which are purely for training myself to fight. I don't want to keep building cities to figure this fighting thing so I have some questions that I hope someone can help with.

1) I mostly play Elvenar on android and I know that there is no option to fight manually but I've been having a really tough time trying to figure out what the android app's AI 'cares' about when fighting battles in provinces. For example, I read that Orc Strategists do better in Planks provinces so should I take that info into consideration when forming my team? How much of the web based info is used in the android version?

2) I often use Elven Architect battle simulator to test out potential teams so as to avoid costly losses especially if I'm pushing the limits of my capabilities. A few days ago I simmed the following:
Enemy: Squadsize 162, troops -Mist Walker x 2, Orc Strategist x 1.
Me: Squadsize 90, troops - Sword Dancer II x 2, Golem x 3.
The simulator predicted a victory and gave it a score of 811 out of 1000 which is a very good score.
I played it out in the app and was completely destroyed. Such losses hurt.... a lot. I know the squadsize disparity is a problem but I thought given I was putting up 5 units to their 3 that the numbers were doable ( enemy troops 486 to my 450). How do I know when to battle if I don't know what the variables are? Why is the android app making me lose something I probably would have won (even auto-fighting) if I'd played the web based version?

Any advice/help would be much appreciated.