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What's a boosting relic in relation to Priest


I just received a new encounter challenge requiring me to gain 3 level 1 Boosting relics, 3 level 2's and 3 level 3's. what is a boosting relic ?


Go to your main hall, click the relics tab and there you will see which 3 goods you are boosted in. The more relics you collect of your boost, the more goods you are able to produce. So when you scout provinces, look for the relics that you are boosted in to collect first.

Level 1 are steel, marble, planks. (you are boosted in one of those)
Level 2 are crystal, scrolls, silk. (you are boosted in one of those)
Level 3 are dust, elixir, gems (you are boosted in one of those)

The way the game determines your boost is your position on the map. The province directly north of you and the 2 provinces at your direct southwest and southeast are what makes up your boosts.

Edit: I just took a look at your city. You are boosted in marble, silk and gems. I see you have all manufactories going too. Have you ever noticed why you can produce more marble than planks, or more gems than elixir? It's because of what you are boosted in. Producing non-boosted goods is a serious drain on your resources. If you only produced your boosts and traded for the rest you would have a surplus of goods, plus a lot of extra space in your city for other things! You are in a fellowship and it would be more beneficial to the fellowship to do so. There is no advantage to doing a balanced build in a fellowship, in fact it's counter-productive.
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