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What's Wrong with Arendyll (us1.elvenar.com) ?


I was logged in playing, when suddenly the game just went BLANK.

Reloading doesn't help, the login screen works fine, I can log into my other city, but Arendyll is just GONE. No error messages/loading errors, Nothing, it's just Gone. Sometimes it says it's 'connecting' but again, it just goes Blank.

Just prior to the screen going 'blank', I had just clicked on my Flying Academy to add points to it.

*I'm guessing the server is down, but wanted to be sure it wasn't just 'me' having this issue.

Many Thanks in Advance, :)


Evening Star Selene

Active Member
I had my world go black yesterday on mobile, I still had all the buttons around the corners, but black for the city itself. The world map showed up fine and the research map, but not the city. I'm in Felyndral though. Had to close the app and reload it before it corrected. It only happened once though. If it happens again, I'll report a bug. You probably should too if it still isn't working.


Well-Known Member
Hopefully it's resolved itself. But a few questions are in order.

1) Are you playing on a PC or a mobile?
2) What's your browser/Android vesion? I it up to date?
3) Is it only Arendyll world?
4) Can you access any other flash based games?
5) Is your flash up to date?
6) Are your video drivers up to date?
7) How long do you wait for the screen to load?
8) Did you clear your internet cache and restart?

Small changes in thing can sometimes cause big problems if your software is not up to date.