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When do we move up to the next chapter?


Hi everyone,

So, I was hoping to move up to Chapter IV for when I try for the Snowy Charming Tree today. I thought that we moved up when we opened the chest for the next chapter, but I opened the chest, and the prizes for the Snow Flurry Event is still showing me at Chapter III!

Does anyone know at what point we "officially" move up chapters?

Thank you!


Aww, darn it! I guess Snowy Charming Tree will be 960 culture instead of 1240. :p And I'll have only just barely missed it! That's frustrating.

EDIT: If I get it at all! I saved up enough snowflakes for 11 chances but now I may have jinxed myself.


70 ish KP right? any chance at all in the next 19 hours?

Well, I'm only at 1/70 right now. :-/

As far as options to get through it faster, honestly you'd know better than I do, but I don't think there is... Right now in the quests I have 3 more relics before I'm done #83. After that I have:

84) Gain 3 spells "Power of provisions"
85) Train 300 units
86) Gain 1000 crystal, scrolls and silk
87) Scout 1 province
88) Produce 20 Breads (Workshop 1 h) and 80 Beverages (Workshop 5 min)
89) Resolve 25 encounters or Buy 25 KPs
90) Gain 5000 marble, steel and planks
91) Gain 50 relics

Getting through 84-88 in 19 hours is... well, maybe possible if I don't click something accidentally, since I do have the Power of Provisions saved up with just two hours to go on the third one, but I'm still stalled on #83 because I'm totally out of supplies, and my scouting will probably take ~6-7 hours, trading for the supplies can be a crapshoot as far as how long it takes, and KPs have gotten expensive enough during this Event that I can probably only buy 10-12 of them before I have to wait to get more coins... I don't know, maybe an extremely tiny possibility, but not a very big one at all, especially if I sleep tonight. :confused:


Actually my best chance might be to go for the daily prize and hope I win 25 KPs first. Which Murphy's Law says I won't, sigh.


There is one chance, if all the stars align in your favor, that you will get 25KPs for opening the big box 3 times in a row, before getting the snowy charming tree. In which case, you simply activate those scouts, then go back and win that tree!