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When new research is added


I don't know if this makes much sense, but for all the players that have reached the orcs research, or dwarves or fairies or even lower, it is extremely frustrating when new research is added in previous chapters. It takes a fair bit of time to go through all the completed research looking just in case we missed something. I for one at stuck at a point in orcs, and accidentally found out that there is Training ground research, went looking for it, i found it in the second chapter, and then that there is Elite Archer research and found it in dwarves, 6th chapter.

My suggestion is that when we open the research tree we are taken automatically to the first incomplete research and not to the last one. This would help with getting all the research points used on actual research instead of AW's without even knowing that there is something new in the tree that needs to be researched.

Please look into this as it is rather annoying, tedious and frustrating.

Thank you