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Where did these Orc Warriors come from?


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Why are so many posters here not bothering to list specific Chapter and Level when discussing a Brown Bear (or any other building with such evolutions)?

In such contexts, it also helps to distinguish if one is having questions about a building performing exactly as designed in a city not optimized for priority functions, versus if there's a malfunction relative to building spec's (and then, if Support was contacted?).

The Brown Bear at L9 or L10 makes all 4 lower right troop types. Due to productions and not just a fed enhancement, it's one reward worth use of RR's every Chapter advance. The full tables (noting top left level pulldown) are found here, an important index for details beyond in game or Gems tables:

EA Brown Bear tables

This is also a case of some game design traits following one to three year cycles of rewards or updates, versus some players sometimes expecting games to cater towards impatience.
Thanks for the link to the Brown Bear Tables. This has become a topic of conversation in two fellowships I'm in.


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According to the release notes for V1.132 (which is the newest at the time I am writing this), the bug which caused the Brown Bear to provide Orc Warriors at low stages of evolution has been fixed.