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Wiki - Improve the Battle Wiki Page


So, after playing 6 months with "autofight," I finally decided to learn the combat module. I've never played a game like this before, so I read the wiki page and found it extremely unhelpful. Even the useful "Encounters Guide" on the beta forum did not help me. I needed to know how to move my units, how to cause them to attack an enemy unit - basic interaction with the module. I managed to figure it out after a few false starts, but I still had some unpleasant surprises, like, you can have a strike option highlighted when you are out of range if your fighter can move into range (indicated by a filled in hex with a dot in the center). The section that needs more detail is the "battlefield" section. If, as is rumored, fighting takes a more prominent role in the game, you need to include better ways to learn it. A wiki page or some kind of tutorial, like the one you play at the beginning of Elvenar. Please don't assume we understand it, because I know I'm not the only one new to City Building, especially in a game that feels "safe" without PvP.