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Closed | Archived Wrong sentient goods offered for trade


New Member
I've had a bug since I moved into Chapter XII that has recently continued into XIII and is causing me quite a bit of trouble. My sentient boosts are marble and silk (which are the expected +1 from my planks and scrolls.) However, when I try to accept trade offers the only offers listed are for my +2 (platinum and obsidian), which I am always in need of and never can provide. It -only- shows these, it as if it thinks my boosts are all +2.

The end result means I'm always having to make two or three star offers to get what I need and usually operate at a loss. I don't see anyone else with this bug, so I think it might be specific to my account?



Senior Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
Unfortunately, this is not a bug @d00rmaus it simply means your world does not have trades you are seeking. I realize it can be frustrating at times, but put up the trades you are seeking or asks your fellowship if they can offer some assistance.



New Member
I've never seen any demand for my goods, just the t+2 consistently, hundreds of them. But since this is my only way to ask for support on the issue, I guess I'll just have to live with it.


Well-Known Member
Why would offering 2 or 3 star trades mean you are "operating at a loss"? I always give a five percent discount on my offerings, so my trades are all three star. I never feel as if I'm losing anything, because I have more than enough of my boosts and I'm getting exactly what I need. My trades are snapped up quickly, so I am almost always operating at peak efficiency. That is certainly not a "loss."


Well-Known Member
The end result means I'm always having to make two or three star offers to get what I need and usually operate at a loss
Two star offers means "average" All offers should be two star or better, unless you are hoping to gouge people.

Since your boost probably is at 700%, any offer of less than 7 for 1 is cheaper than making them yourself. Offering a slight premium of say 1100 for 1000 is not operating at a loss. it's just operating a little below peak efficiency.