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Implemented zzz over barracks


This is not my brilliant idea. Someone over on the beta server suggested it and I think it is fantastic and so necessary. I am repeating it here for the feedback.

It is easy to miss the fact that the troops are done training. It would be wonderful to have the little zzz over the barracks (like we do when goods are done) when the barracks are done training and sitting idle.

Please oh please!


Could we get a zz top soundtrack to play while there are zzz's over the barracks?


Maybe we can get them to pass around a bottle, and then you'll be entirely happy ;)

I haven't looked. Is there a Tavern anywhere on the tech tree?


While it is getting "worked on", it is easy to see if Barracks are producing by taking a quick pick-a-boo at the barrack's animation, to check for the moving men or elves. I assume that you are all way ahead of me and figured this out by now.


My problem is two-fold Max. 1. Because they are always fighting, I tune them out and don't really pay that much attention to the barracks. The zzz always grabs my attention because it doesn't happen that often. and 2. Those little guys are tiny! I can hardly see them! lol.

But, I am thrilled to hear it is being worked on! Yay! No rest for my soldiers! Train train train and train some more!!