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Recent content by Ember Candy Mint

  1. Complete November Diamonds Giveaway

    AMBROSIA Salad/dessert The name ambrosia derives from Greek mythology, meaning immortality; also known as food of the gods or in Elvenar it would be known as mana! (Greek gods commonly ate ambrosia to prevent becoming weak.) In present day, we've come to know it as a deliciously, fluffy fruit...
  2. Help Constructs chapter

    I’ve been trying to locate the constructs info on gems of knowledge (elvenar) but the link is broken- do you know who to advise?
  3. Rune Shard Losses

    I would like to mention that in mobile, if I do not have any AW in rune phase or “unlocked”, i have no way of knowing how many I have as there is no place showing that value. During tournaments, I have had it happen numerous times that I receive 0 rune shards due to a full count, whatever that...
  4. Where’s Waldo or maybe a Wizard?

    Hello @Lelanya, thank you for your question! I may not have same definition for widget as you (a separate small application run independently within a program) so I may not fully understand your question, but my thought was for the various standard holidays (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc)...
  5. Where’s Waldo or maybe a Wizard?

    First, Thank you for looking at my posting and second for providing insight on the decision making process. This is my first posting, yes I’m watching it and definitely open to suggestions- I just thought I had to wait till my preliminary pole was finished. I have only looked at forum a few...
  6. Where’s Waldo or maybe a Wizard?

    I was watching the live feed on Facebook and my idea was directed to this forum, so here it goes... 1) I would like to see a special character that could be part of a search and find format, with perhaps a reward for finding each day (maybe diamonds or supplies) 2) if you model the character...