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Oct 27, 2018
Apr 13, 2018
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Oct 27, 2018
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    Well now let’s see.....
    I’m a gal who in lives in a log cabin in the woods here in NewBrunswick Canada (that’s above Maine, for those of you south of me lol ) that I built in my 20’s.
    Two months ago I chose to give up the real world, you know the one of money and stress to pursue my passion full time instead of as a hobby. So now what do I do...
    Well I’m a potter. Ya, the wheel, the kiln and all the rest.
    And now I live the life of a starving artist who plays in the woods with woodland characters in her spare time both outdoors and inside now as well Lol lol.

    I Love my tea,
    I Love my puff,
    I Enjoy my zen ,
    And all good stuff.

    My husband, Mr. Stoic,
    Who’s all science and gets it nought,
    His medals say he’s heroic,
    But my lifestyle he’s not bought.

    I play in the clay,
    He hand carves his spoons,
    I listen to folk amd grassroots,
    He screams out some awesome punk tunes.

    So out in the woods just above Maine,
    I’m all artsy and stuff,
    He doesn’t get me, I love him the same
    Just sippin’ my tea, enjoyin’ my puff.
    Lol lol
    The the Potter amd her Spoonman.

    PST...my real life, out there in the real world......I’m a Human Service Councillor for the Mentally Ill. And have a thing for rhymes. Lol

    As for this game.... I haven’t a clue what I’m doing at all. Nor do I care. My property looks nice though lol lol.