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Recent content by Rip Outtheir Spleens

  1. I love my Pets but

    I've been playing this game for almost 4 years, and it is blatantly obvious, that someone near the Top hasn't got a clue.
  2. I love my Pets but

    I'm seriously tired of begging for it.
  3. I love my Pets but

    PET FOOD!!!!! Please make it more available! My whole game is centered around it's availability!! I have built my whole city around fighting, and you make UUU's, MMM's, ELR's and PET FOOD absolutely scarce! Kind of ruins my whole game experience, and thereby ruin the whole game. If it ain't...
  4. Discussion A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    Whoever thought up this event, needs to be fired immediately
  5. Need 5 new players!

    Come and join us!
  6. New Ancient Wonder Idea

    Bottom line, the game needs MORE PET FOOD! I am tired of always being on my last can. I'm asking everyone who thinks there needs to be a Pet Food Factory, or similar, to change the name of their Cities to something like I NEED PET FOOD!!!, at least for a short time, to protest the massive Pet...
  7. More pet food please

    Pet Food Factory! Hear Hear!!!
  8. Three new five-day military buildings

    Haven't seen a UUU,MMM, or ELR in my MA in several weeks.
  9. Three new five-day military buildings

    Now, we have to pay 500 Diamonds for battle buildings????? Being greedy is what destroyed Zynga and Mafia Wars. Zynga ended up claiming bankruptcy...just sayin'!!!
  10. Discussion 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    The Misty Forest 'fog' theme blows chunks.
  11. Discussion 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    The Misty Forest foggy theme blows. Plain and simple. IMHO
  12. Discussion 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    Misty Forest sucks. Plain and simple
  13. Suggestion for New Event Building: Pet Food

    C'mon INNO! We have all these Birds, and Bears that require Pet Food, and it's the most rare thing in the MA! What gives?!?!?!? Dole out more or let's have a building that produces it! My animals are starving, and it's your fault!!!