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    Your Elvenar Team



    We would like you to join one of the most prolific, fun, and entertaining fellowships in the game. Zestlandia! In Zestlandia, we participate in every weekly tournament (10 + chests) and spire (silver) as well a place highly in all Fellowship Adventures. We do all of this in an environment of...
  2. Caribbean Kat

    Elven DragonFyre seeking 2 very active team players

    Now is your chance to join a winning team and reap the benefits of your efforts. We get 10+ Chests in Tourny every week and Gold in Spire at least once per month. We have very active KP and Rune swaps. We are always highly ranked in Adventures. This is a long established, DRAMA FREE, happy...
  3. How many Adventures are there now?

    My FS is a mix of experienced (quiet and won't respond to chats or messages) and newbies. I have taken over the leadership of our group after our AM went MIA. It seems to me that there is one every three months? Or am I wrong....where can I find schedules of all the events etc. Ronan
  4. Fellowship Adventure Purpose

    So what exactly is the purpose of these fellowship adventures? Is there some reward at the send? All that seems to happen is me using up all my resources. Please help me understand this. I've never gotten past the third area. Is the key to have multiple people working on these goals?