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  1. Application enhancement for Ancient Wonders

    I like to provide KPs to my felllowship by opening a players Ancient Wonder list. The problem I'm having is to scroll from left to right in the AW list each time I have given KPs to an AW or just looking at an AW. Some of the players in my fellowship have just about all of the AWs available. I...
  2. City Name

    Would like an enhancement to change the city name within the APP? Our ArchMage is requiring us to include codes (ie...C-culture, B-Builder's Hut and M-Main Hall) to our city name, and that isn't possible with the APP.
  3. Tír na nÓg is seeking ACTIVE players!

    Come join us in Tír na nÓg! Looking for 2 ACTIVE, friendly, drama free players! ALL applicants will be considered, BUT priority will be given to those boosted in: Planks, Silk & Gems! Your score isn't as important as your being active, but will give preference to those with a Ranking Score...
  4. A Court of Mist & Fury... Seeking members!

    A Court of Mist & Fury is looking for members! This is a new Fellowship, open to anyone. Lets be friendly, help each other, and have fun. Please be active if you are going to join. Thanks!
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