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Come join us in
Tír na nÓg!

Looking for 2 ACTIVE, friendly, drama free players!

ALL applicants will be considered, BUT priority will be given to those boosted in:
Planks, Silk & Gems! Your score isn't as important as your being active, but will give preference to those with a Ranking Score above 15k!

Our current Fellowship Rank is 50!

We are a group of friendly & very active players who enjoy growth and playing the game. We are built around balanced goods production, while helping everyone grow to the best potential!
We help each other & will help you grow as well!

Our Requirements (fairly standard stuff):
  • Visit your Fellow members.
    Give Neighborly Help (NH) to fellowship members at least 3-5 times per week.
    • Please edit your city name for the type of help preferred: (ie.- C* M B)
      C (Culture) C* (Culture with EE spell) M (Main Hall) B (Builder)
    • Post in Chat when you have completed daily rounds/visits.
  • Active & Fair Trades ONLY! (2 star minimum)
    • ONLY produce your boosted goods and trade for the rest, for a fast and active trade system. Also, we have a system for keeping our fellowship goods balanced overall, so by producing only your boosted goods, we can track this more reliably!
    • Trades are limited: Same tier or one (1) tier above or below. Preferred only in same tier, as this encourages a more active trading system.
    • Post in Chat if you need help with specific goods or have trades posted.
  • Grow your city!
    We are not interested in actual points, but we do measure weekly growth to ensure activity & give accolades to our weekly top players for individual growth, as well as for players that improve their ranking within the fellowship.
  • Join the KP Exchange:
    Ancient Wonder (AW) help with the KP Exchange:

    The KP Exchange is voluntary. If you want help for a specific AW, add it to your city name and help will come... (ie.- C* B M | AW-GA)
    GA (Golden Abyss) MH (Mountain Hall) CL (Crystal Lighthouse) BS (Bell Spire)
  • Real life happens...
    • If you will be away/inactive for more than 1 week, please msg the Archmage or Mages.
    • Anyone absent for a week without notifying the AM or Mages will be removed.
    • We also ask the you change your city name to: "VACA - MH" so you may still benefit even though you are away.
  • No stress, no drama. We all just want to have fun and move forward together.
For consideration:
  • Send a message in-game to Archmage: Morrigan Lacewing or apply to the fellowship directly.
  • Please mention you found us on the forum.
Thank you for your interest and happy gaming!

Tír na nÓg Archmage
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