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  1. Looking for more Cheap Bastages

    Hello fellow adventurers, Server - Arendyll World - US Cheap Bastages currently has space for four more players. We are a level 19 fellowship and hit the 10th tournament chest weekly. No requirements for acquisition of points or socializing, just have fun and participate as you can. Last FA we...
  2. joboxo

    ★ Join Serenity ★

    Hellroon and Well Met! Are you looking for a new fellowship? Please consider Serenity. We are a friendly group that is dedicated but not intense. Key benefits include: average 10 chests in tournaments consistently finish all stages of fellowship adventures provide reliable neighborly help...
  3. joboxo

    Serenity seeking players

    Hellroon and Well Met! Serenity is an active fellowship with 3 openings. We: average 10 chests in tournaments consistently finish all stages of fellowship adventures provide reliable neighborly help have an ancient wonder KP swap message thread (totally optional) Have a nice day! Best...
  4. Gaia's Glen no longer exists

    Hi we are a friendly, supportive, high ranking fellowship (no 7 ) looking for a well developed active player. We are looking for boosts in gems and preferably silk. We am seeking 2 players with a score preferably over 150,000, as you need to be productive enough to trade with our other members...
  5. Maz Mellor

    Recruitment Prospects

    I am starting this thread as a place for Archmages and Mages to share information about possible new recruits. Could be you have active but as-yet unaffiliated players in your neighborhood; could be someone just applied to your fellowship, but for whatever reason, you can't accept them. Chances...
  6. Maz Mellor

    Mystique seeking advanced (near-)daily players

    Mystique (current rank: #49) is a friendly, drama-free, trade-balanced fellowship with a competitive edge and a heart of gold. We don't normally have much turnover, but two of our long-time players have just left us owing to changing life circumstances. Which is where you come in! If you are an...
  7. Currently Recruiting!

    Hey there! We are recruiting several players at this time. We had to rebuild our fellowship after being left behind by our previous Archmage with no notice (GRR) So we're looking to do it right! :D We are currently seeking players boosted in Crystal and Elixir. If you have steel as your tier 1...
  8. Tír na nÓg is seeking ACTIVE players!

    Come join us in Tír na nÓg! Looking for 2 ACTIVE, friendly, drama free players! ALL applicants will be considered, BUT priority will be given to those boosted in: Planks, Silk & Gems! Your score isn't as important as your being active, but will give preference to those with a Ranking Score...
  9. Exiled Minions Looking For Active Members

    Welcome to Exiled Minions, a cross world Fellowship. We are currently in Winyandor & Elcysandir and have experienced officers. We want to grow to top 100 or better. We are here to help members level up their towns quickly and efficiently. Rules: Must be active with visits at least every 3...
  10. Blueleaf Fellowship is looking for active members

    We are looking for friendly and active players to join our Fellowship, and enjoy beeing the member of a nice and growing community. Contact ingame Armonye, purple2le or Bestfriend
  11. Vendible Bards seeking active players

    All spots currently filled! Welcome to our new members! Will post again if new spots become open. For now, have fun and enjoy your game! :)