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  1. Old Man

    Dragonstone - seeking new members or a merge

    Hi all, Dragonstone is a US-Arendyll fellowship of 18 (of that more like 12-15 actives). We're looking for new members or better yet a merge with another small group. We'd like to keep our current perks and ranking but can give that up. Reach out if interested. We're set to autojoin. Ciao, Old Man
  2. Minkari

    BPR Recruiting (1-3)

    Greetings, Black Pear Rising (BPR) is recruiting! We’re a fun, fellowship, no-drama, helpful and we’re looking for 1-3 active players of any size. We promote active, fun and friendly players. We don’t mandate participation, but if you’re looking to just park yourself and not play, we’re not...
  3. Shadow Wolves -- 10+ chests -- several openings

    Shadow Wolves is looking to grow its membership. We would love to have more player interested in high achievement in Tournaments (we consistently get 11 chests and want more), Fellowship Adventures (we are a top fellowship for that), and Spire. In addition to continuing to progress in our...
  4. Requirements to join a fellowship

    Are there minimum requirements to join a fellowship? Points? Trader? I got an email asking to join my fellowship but I cannot find a way to add them. I have added others before.
  5. Chef Baker

    Open Joining Fellowships Early.

    I have found that when you are on PC, if you press the F key before researching fellowships, you open the FS menu, where you can then join an FS.
  6. Chef Baker

    Fellowship Rank Names

    I have been told that this has popped up already, but I couldn't find it. I think it would be cool to be able to change fellowship rank names. For instance, we could change Archmage to Captain or any other name.
  7. Chef Baker

    All skill sets, city sizes, and ages can join this fellowship!

    Natures Mtn is recruiting members! Click here for full description from @Lyinaral.
  8. Revo1

    Hello Hello

    Hi, new to the forum, but have played the game for a couple of years, but only like a year on my current account. I play in Winyandor as my main world and Felyandral as my second world. I have my own fellowship in Felyandral called Pinion Pine, and am in It's a Game in Winyandor.
  9. Cayesavegan

    Traveling together in the TARDIS

    TARDIS Travelers is still looking for marble, crystal, and gems players if anyone needs a fellowship. We're pretty chill. KP exchange threads, decent tournament (6 chests) and spire participation (1st high halls), fair trades, chatty, daily neighbor help. We currently have 12 active players; so...
  10. Axiss


  11. Luckyland recruiting

    Ideal Candidate Would have a score around 103103 and would have one or more of the following boosts: planks, elixir We average 7.8 chests per week and would love to reach 10 weekly or monthly. We have a solid core of 15+ active players, a few newbs, and a few that have gone quiet. We’re very...
  12. My boosted goods are: marble, crystal, gem. Active fellowship please message me!!

    Hi! I've been looking for a fellowship that does trades often, and needs my boosted goods! Please lemme know if you're interested. Preferably has more player ranking above 4000 :)
  13. Dragon weyr recruiting :)

    Hello all!! We are dragon weyr! We are currently looking to replace an inactive member or two. We are laid back, friendly, supportive, and most importantly active! We have no rules other then to remain active and grow your city. We are active in the tourny, spire and events (although they're not...
  14. Morien

    Lux Aurea is seeking ACTIVE Players

    We're a fun, friendly group that communicates regularly in Chat, as well as our private Discord server. We frequent 6–8 chests in tourneys, and make the occasional 10-chest push. We routinely finish all three maps in FAs. Participation in tourneys, spire, and FA's is always encouraged, but never...
  15. Morien

    Looking for active, mid-level Fellowship with players that actually help each other

    Hey there! I was wondering if your fellowship is a) still recruiting, and b) active. I'm just about to get into Chapter 5, and I have a score of about 20K. I'm looking for a fellowship that's active, fun, with players that actually talk in chat, trade with each other, and donate to each other's...
  16. Disney Angel

    How to join?

    Hello. My game name is Disney Angel. I am new to this game but so far I am really enjoying it. I recently convinced my fiancee to play with me and she has created her own game. She likes it so far and I recently created a Fellowship for us for now, just until we learn the ropes of this game. But...
  17. Better unable to join dialog

    I got something like "Unable to join another fellowship until 04/12/2020 az 6:27" when I try to join to my new fellowship. The time is definitely not in my time zone, so I have no idea when I can try to join again. It would be nice to have the remaining time instead of a date here too.
  18. Alpha Lyrae

    Experienced Player - New Town

    Experienced player here (Halflings - Khelonaar), looking for a fellowship in Arendyll. I started a new human town for some spice in my life. :p You can expect daily visits and steady growth, though my town is too small to be much use in tourney's/spire right now. Let me know if you have room...
  19. Cayesavegan

    Anyone want to merge?

    Got a few players left in a dying guild? Merge with us! We could really use some players with marble, planks, silk, and gems. We are currently scoring at least 5 chests on the tournament but with some help we can get more. We take lower level players too but we could really use some established...
  20. BlueBlade

    Fellowship Adventure in Beta & Live World start dates

    It would be very helpful if when the Beta world starts an FA, that we, in the Live World would get a start date for the Live world FA at the same time so we can prep our cities. The Beta world is currently going through the FA but there is no information anywhere that I can find that there will...