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Disney Angel

New Member
Hello. My game name is Disney Angel. I am new to this game but so far I am really enjoying it. I recently convinced my fiancee to play with me and she has created her own game. She likes it so far and I recently created a Fellowship for us for now, just until we learn the ropes of this game. But I can’t seem to find a way to invite her to it and she can’t find it either. Is there a way to search for specific players or a Fellowship by name?

If someone could tell me or point me to a question that has already been answered, I would appreciate it.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Gath Of Baal

Well-Known Member
Hello and Welcome to Elvenar..

First you need to check and see if you are both playing on the same world. If you are both playing on different game worlds then you will not be able to invite them to your fellowship.
If you both are playing on the same game world then just search their name or find them on the player list and hover over their name or click and visit their city then you can invite them both ways.. They can also search through the fellowship list and find your fellowship name and request to join that way too.

To find both lists click on your score and a list of players with some tabs up top will open. To see the list of fellowships just click the tab on top of the list

Disney Angel

New Member
Oh I see. Well in that case, by changing worlds, do we have to create different civilizations?

Never mind. I figured that part out. Thank you for the help. The steps were slightly different for me to find her. The tabs were at the bottom, not the top. But we’re good now. Thank you
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Well-Known Member
@Disney Angel , the methods are slightly different on mobile than they are on PC, so that may account for the differences in the instructions. Welcome to the game, and feel free to come to us with any other questions you may have. We are a pretty friendly bunch who like to help out as much as we can. :) :)


Oh Wise One
If you are trying to learn the ropes of the game, your own little fellowship might not be the best option. If you can find a good fellowship that is open to newer players, the experienced players would be able to answer your questions and give you advice.